2048 KOREA

2048 KOREA

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  • - Required Android: 8.0 and up
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  • - Published/Updated Date: January 12, 2022



Unlock the story of Korea from ancient times to modern times while enjoying the 2048 puzzle game!

The 2048 puzzle is the advanced sliding block puzzle developed in the 21st century.

2048 KOREA is a new 2048 puzzle game with elaborate 3D art.

2048 KOREA has a daily reward and missions that provide rich bonuses.

By sliding and moving numerous tiles on the grid, the same numbers are combined to reveal a higher number.

Experience the history and culture of Korea while enjoying the 2048 KOREA puzzle game. The game is easy to enjoy and becomes immersed the more you play it.

2048 KOREA puzzle game offers 7 unique themes and 3 difficulty modes. In addition, you can unlock numbers up to 65536 with the help of boost items.

Unlock various buildings and collect hidden stories while solving the missions of each mode.

2048 KOREA provides the following themes.

1. Millennial Kingdom
- Construction of the buildings of the Silla Kingdom that lasted for a thousand years from 2,000 years ago

2. Land of Buddha
- Build temples in Korea where Buddhism flourished.

3. Capital Hanyang
- Feel the life of the Joseon Dynasty while constructing the buildings of Hanyang, the capital of the Joseon Dynasty, for 500 years.

4. Streets of Seoul
- Let's build lively streets of Seoul!

5. Apartment Fever
- Why did Korea become a country of apartments? From country houses to skyscrapers and residential buildings. Learn about the times while building Korean houses.

6. Miracle of the Han River
- What stories are hidden in the Korean industry that has grown a lot in a short period?

7. Build Korea
- Korea was devastated by war. From collapsing rubble to the state-of-the-art buildings of the future. Let's feel the turbulent modern history of Korea while constructing various buildings!

Unlock more buildings and compete for the highest score with users from all over the world!

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