3R Legend

3R Legend

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  • - Required Android: 4.3 and up
  • - Installs: 500+
  • - Published/Updated Date: July 14, 2021



With 3D graphic and many unique features, you will be able to enjoy your favorite characters, immerse in many endless battles
Be dominant of every single battle!

Special features:

1. 8 classes - free to choose
"With an amazing looking of each character, you will be able to choose your own favorite characters and styles.
Each class has a different power and we need you to explore! The strong are not totally be a winner, but the winner must be a person who has many skills!
Let's become a god and show me your skills! "

2. Free PK - looking for the dominant of the Three Realms
Many fierce battles and endless combats are waiting for you. With the assemble of many other heroes of Southeast Asia! Who will run the world and be a new dominant of Three Relams? Stay tuned to know the answer!

3. The variety of cool pets, unique fashion and awesome mounts collection
The system mounts and fashion are clever, unique and diverse that support players improve their power and show their personalities as well!
Let's find for your own mounts and super awesome outfits to assert yourself!

4. Unique incarnation feature
"Incarnation is an impressed and unique feature that 3R Legend won't let you down and bring a better experience than ever!
With this feature, you can easily to increase your power to be a winner in many super awesome PK battle!
Especially, with the individual dungeon, in spite of having no teammate, you still supported by the incarnation feature!
Let's try this hot feature!"

5. Free play - Free trade
"Who said F2P was not strong? Now, you can able to make a transaction to exchange many rare items between each other.
Quickly collect the items that the you want to own, earn money and power up your strength."

6. Love and marriage without gender boundary
"Players now can easily find love of your life by mariage feature. Both can join the dungeon where only available for couples and get many titles to prove for your love.
The longer you stay together, the more gifts you can able to receive, regardless of gender. Join now to find the destiny of your life!"

3R Legend is officially released with many other features for you to explore!

3R Legend - The best fantasy MMORPG of Southeast Asia

Download now to get many great rewards from 3R Legend.

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