Agent Commando

Agent Commando

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  • - Required Android: 6.0 and up
  • - Installs: 1+
  • - Published/Updated Date: August 16, 2021


A bunch of mad scientists who called themselves the Creators believed that creation was born from destruction, so they planned to blow up the Earth and create new human civilization. For decades they have been recruiting terrorists who are no saner than them and ordering them to place special devices in specific locations around the world. Such devices changed the Earth’s magnetic field and caused violent earthquakes and tsunamis.
Becoming aware of what the mad scientists were capable of, the governments of all the nations united together and established an organization called the “Earthshield”, hoping to save our planet and people. After years of investigation, the Earthshield finally discovered some security bases the Creators named the “Ark” which are somehow able to survive in the destruction because of their special coordinates. As an agent of the Earthshield, your primary mission is to sneak in the Arks and assassinate the Creators and their fangs! Grab your weapon, show them no mercy!


* Various security bases fraught with deadly traps for you to invade. Apply strategies wisely to destroy them one by one.

* Dazzling weapons and advanced technology waiting to feed your eyes.

* A variety of missions impossible for you to complete.

* Lifelike gunfight with 3D effects.

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