Air Hunting Shooting : Deer

Air Hunting Shooting : Deer

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  • - Required Android: 5.0 and up
  • - Installs: 1+
  • - Published/Updated Date: December 28, 2021


Do you like to play aerial helicopter shooting simulation games?
Do you want to experience the feeling of air hunting shooting deer?
In the air hunting shooting simulator game, you play as a hunter sniper hunting in the air. This will be your chance to experience fps shooting hunting deer in the air on a helicopter. In the air hunting shooting game, you only need to take charge of aiming and shooting. You can shooting deer and bears to prevent these wild animals from invading our nature reserve.

This is a rare battle to prevent the invasion of wild animals. Don't let those deer destroy the ecology. In the air hunting shooting simulator game, you can experience the real feeling of shooting hunting deer. For those who like shooting deer games, Shooting hunting deer is an ultimate shooting hunting deer experience. Air hunting shooting is not only a game, but also a brand new personal experience.

Features of air hunting shooting simulator game:
- Air hunting shooting can improve shooting ability.
- Sniper weapons can magnify the angle of view.
- Use the sight to shooting the deer accurately.
- There are a variety of hunting weapons to choose from in the air hunting shooting game.
- Different levels have different pass scores, and you can pass the level when you reach the score.
- The more deer you knock down in the air hunting shooting game, the higher your achievements and ratings.
- Air hunting shooting has high-quality action effects for shooting deer.
- Aim at the head of the deer, that is where the deer is most vulnerable.
- Air hunting shooting game is a game that tests your shooting skills.
- In the air hunting shooting game, you can watch the movement trajectory of the bullet hitting the deer in slow motion.
- Shooting hunting deer in the air in the first person.
- There are high-quality 3D graphics and sound effects in the air hunting shooting game.
- Pursue hunting hunter game missions and deer shooting missions.
- You can experience the sniper scope view in air hunting shooting.
- Buy a powerful sniper rifle and you have a greater chance to kill the deer in the first shooting.
- In air hunting shooting game animal illustration book, different deer have different prices.

Air hunting shooting is specially developed for fans who like fps games and shooting hunting deer simulator. You can use these deer in the air hunting shooting game to practice your shooting skills, become a master of shooting hunting deer, and enjoy the fun of shooting deer in the air hunting shooting game.