Airline Commander - ANTI-ICE system

Airline Commander - ANTI-ICE system

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Make the best carrier on the planet and oversee many aircrafts.

Fly from the primary center points to open a large number of courses towards all the real airplane terminals of the world.

Gain from contracts, finishing departures, arrivals, maneuvering and energizing difficulties in many airplane terminals with reasonable runways and top quality locales.

Increment your programmed income on account of the courses you open and vanquish the sky!

There are many licenses accessible to enhance your aptitudes. Figure out how to utilize all planes controls, and to adapt to issues, crises and horrible climate conditions. The more you enhance the more you win with your carrier; construct the conclusive armada in the midst of continuous air movement!


- Dozens of carriers to fabricate your conclusive armada: turbine, response, single deck or twofold deck

- Dozens of primary centers with runways to open a huge number of courses towards all the real air terminals of the world

- Hundreds of sensible airplane terminals and runways. Districts and airplane terminals with top quality satellite pictures, maps and overall route

- Thousands of various circumstances to deal with amid departure, landing, and all navigating and airborne stages

- Real-time air movement, with genuine aircrafts, on the ground and in flight

- Simplified flight framework with route help or flight reproduction for cutting edge clients

- Realistic SID/STAR departure and landing methods with pushback framework, maneuvering and the likelihood to dock at the finger with individual showcase

- Compete against pilots and carriers from all around the globe to demonstrate you're really great

- Realistic diverse occasions of the day with sun, moon, stars and constant climate conditions

- Customizable aircraft uniform

Specialized subtle elements of the pilot test program:

- Control tower correspondence to oversee air activity and give help

- Takeoffs and arrivals from essential to cutting edge and with Instrument Landing System (ILS)

- Primary Flight Display and Navigation Display

- Advanced motor framework with startup, blames and fire concealment

- Fuel administration with weight adjusting, fuel dumping, genuine utilization, slow down, APU and motor weight

- Autopilot with control of all flight parameters: elevation, speed, heading and vertical speed

- Failure of sensors, instruments, ASM, fuel tanks, landing apparatus and motors

- Malfunction of folds, rudder, air powered brakes and radar

- Hydraulic flaws, tire issues, fire on board

- Wind, choppiness and mist with different levels of seriousness

- Ice and extreme ice with ANTI-ICE framework

- Weather Radar to oversee microbursts and flaws caused by lightning


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