Alpha Tactics

Alpha Tactics

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  • - Required Android : 10 and up
  • - Total Installs : 1+
  • - Published Date : Feb 9, 2023
  • - Categorie : Strategy

In our Alpha Tactics Universe, things take place in the far future, when all living forms no longer need the usual resources and they are competing only for influence, new technologies and research.

Now, the events of the game tell about the discovery of a new unusual resource in the outer reaches of the galaxy, which may become a philosopher's stone for those who discovered it, and it was discovered by not the most forward-thinking company...

Alpha Tactics is...

- A real Turn-Based Tactical Action with Strategy elements.
There are many Online and Co-op game modes and a flexible system of building your own combat teams of three characters, some of whom can be lost when the battle is unsuccessful, squad alliances, a thrilling story, and special game events.

- 1-on-1 duels.
You will fight with the other players for resources, experience and rating on special missions-outs. And to win, you do not have to destroy the enemy team, you can just be the first to complete the task, however, they will try to stop you, the choice is yours.

- 2x2 and 4x4 battles and team fights.
On these missions you will fight for resources on a large map. You can fight as a team or "all versus all".

Here, too, it is not necessary to destroy the opponents, but it is more efficient to be united and complete the tasks. Because in such missions there is something more dangerous than other players...

- Combat Squad.
You can join an existing Squad or create your own Squad. Communicate and exchange resources.

But most importantly, there are Battles for Influence and control of key points of certain resources.

There will be 12 players from each squad fighting with one character from each squad.
If a battle has begun, each squad will have 24 hours to make a turn, where individual players must have time to move their characters, co-opting their actions.

- Other game modes.
There will also be a unique "Chess" mode, "Battle Royale game" and of course Tournaments. And that's not all, we have a lot of fun Special events that can affect the gameplay and mechanics.

- Characters.
You will have to build a team of the most diverse living creatures as well as organisms under the control of the AI.

You will be able to control both creatures that can be cloned and those that can be lost in battle.

All of them have their own unique features, especially those who will be quite difficult to return after death in battle...

- Skills and Resources.
Almost every character can Improve their Skills and get more powerful Weapons and Equipment.

Resources in the game are experience, weapons and equipment, as well as a united and unique resource.

- PLAY-to-Win.
Alpha Tactics is completely Free-to-Play. But in no way it will NOT be pay-to-win, we support only fair Competitive PLAY-to-Win gameplay, everything in the game you can get by playing.