Amaze Ball 3D

Amaze Ball 3D

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  • - Required Android: 4.1 and up
  • - Installs: 1+
  • - Published/Updated Date: October 6, 2019


Let’s get this ball rolling! Amaze Ball 3D is just the game you’ve been waiting for, and you’ll be amazed with every maze and level you complete. If you’re looking for a new and addicting game to enjoy throughout your day, look no further than this ball puzzle challenge. Make your way through the ball maze, fill the spaces and tiles with color and stare in amaze! Watch as the ball reaches the target and takes you to the next amazing level. This game is more thrilling than paint ball and turns the idea of maze games into a work of art.

Get ready to have a ball! If you enjoy block games, blast games, puzzle games, arcade games, drawing apps and other entertaining games, we promise that you’ll absolutely LOVE Amaze Ball 3D! The magic of this FREE app game makes it pop among all other apps, and really takes things to the next level. You’ll never want to switch back. Just wait until you give this roller ball a try. It combines exciting twists that take this game to a whole other level! This free to play arcade is your new addiction, the sky is the limit in this rolling game!

The ball is in your court, as you bump, hop, jump, slide, swipe, splash and drag your way to the win. This is a chance to really test your skills, because this maze game starts off pretty easy but gets increasingly difficult, challenging and entertaining as you complete one level after another and turn into the maze runner you’ve always wanted to be. This is an easy game to play but hard to master, but practice makes perfect! Become the Amaze Ball 3D champion and share your winning tale and tips with friends.

The 3D aspect of the game adds another layer of complexity and crazy fun for players to enjoy and creates the wow factor you’ve been searching for. You’ll really feel as though bricks and blocks stand in your way and you have to use your brains and solve this puzzle as you bump into obstacles. It’s yet another reason this game manages to draw in so many people and get them hooked.

If you’ve been looking to add a little twist to your ball games, this is it. Roll the maze ball and have a blast going through the labyrinth. Amaze Ball 3D combines the challenge of puzzle-solving with the rush of winning. All in one for hours of fun! Get your 3D maze ball in the race and run for the win!

Amaze Ball 3D was created by gaming experts who know a thing or two about forming a perfectly entertaining experience. After years of perfection, this maze ball game is ready to hit the store and win you over! Whether you’re a serious gamer who wants to complete every challenge, or a casual one who wants to escape your daily routine and have a ball whenever you get a few free minutes - this free game is fun and flexible to fit your needs. It can be a relaxing game or a thrilling one, and it all depends on you. This is the perfect game to play with the kids in the family and teach them how to handle a challenging puzzle in an original way.

OK, super maizer, it’s time for you to hit the road and jump right into the joy and hyper action of Amaze Ball 3D. Games like these are exactly the reason to coin the phrase “keep your eye on the ball!”. Download this app and stack up on fun!

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