America vs the Universe : Remastered (Demo)

America vs the Universe : Remastered (Demo)

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  • Required Android: 4.1 and up
  • Installs: 1+
  • Published/Updated Date: July 4, 2019


Everything that could possibly go wrong in the universe is going wrong. Only the brightest and bravest warriors from the land of freedom stand as our last line of defense in this high intensity, ridiculously over the top patriotic third person shooter game.

In this game, you will fight against waves and waves of enemies in different unique scenarios. A few of these scenarios include:

- In a throwback to America's history, battle the redcoats in America's war for independence

Scenarios Coming Soon:
- Liberate middle earth by defeating the forces of evil (orks, goblins, skeletons, and more)
- Battle alien invaders as they attempt to overrun the Earth
- Defend your boat against pirates
- Insane AI has taken over, defeat wave after wave of robots.
- Fight alongside old heroes at the Alamo
- Fight martians, on Mars, America's next frontier
- Defeat futuristic gangs in a crime riddled, cyber punk themed city
- Survive against Zombies in an overrun town
- Many more scenarios coming soon

- Lots of unlockable characters with custom load outs
- Many different unlockable types of armor
- Tons of different guns to unlock (100+ guns, melee weapons, and explosives planned)
- Third person shooter with automatic cover controls
- Full bluetooth controller support (coming soon)
- Lead allied American soldiers into battle
- In game currency is capable of unlocking all of the game content (no IAPs required to unlock anything), no pay to win
- Unique spawn system for spawning weapons, armor, and allies for each game
- Procedurally generated waves of enemies
- Unapologetically patriotic theme
- Unapologetically over the top action
- Unapologetically hilarious cutscenes

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