Among Us Imposter : Battle Royale

Among Us Imposter : Battle Royale

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  • - Published/Updated Date: May 21, 2021


Among Us Imposter, is a super fun, super cute and cool, super challenging casual competitive game.

In this separate room, everyone is transformed into an Imposter, lead more Imposter beat less Imposter or defeat the strong with the weak, and striving to survive is the only goal.


1. Lead your little imposters to kill other, survival to the end!

2. To become more and more powerful is the dream of the people of this world!

3. As long as you control the Imposter movement path reasonably, you can eat the imposters along the road, becoming bigger and fatter and stronger!

4. Don't be depressed when you are weak. As long as you keep eating, you will become an invincible Imposter one day!

5. Don't take it lightly when you are strong, beware that others win by surprise.

Game Features

1. "Poke and poke" lazy cancer operation

"Poke and poke" in the toilet, "poke and poke" in the elevator, and "poke and poke" in the bed. Yes, even if you are a lazy person, you only need to use one index finger to relax slowly "Poke poke poke", you can control the path of Imposter to play the game!

2. "Happy and interesting" strategy battle

It’s a good choice to eat a shield item when other Imposters are near, and then use your fingertips to achieve anti-kill. Rotating around the room item is also a good choice. . . .

3. The unique image of "I am me"

Each Imposter can customize its appearance and name. "Hey, King Of PUBG!" "I will be the number one!" You read that right, these are all Imposters names! Come and give yourself a domineering name!

4. "Old and young take all" game partners

Across rooms, floors, ages, and borders, in this game, it's possible for you to meet anyone. Fight your wits, eat your friends, eat your neighbors, eat strangers... Hey, how come it sounds evil, but it's really fun!

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