Anime Nightmares: Love Story

Anime Nightmares: Love Story

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  • - Published/Updated Date: October 15, 2021


Escape the anime high school full of mystery and survival the night in spooky school which is guarded by a scary evil ghost who is control by evil nun just like in anime games which is also a horror games. It can hear any noise you make and come to get you. Evil ghost who is control by evil nun in high school is a mix between a granny and a ghost a victim of zombie plague who is now stuck at anime School. This dead soul is after you escape the horror and death as this anime games high school ghost wants to kill you and take make you stay at this anime high school forever as this ghost is in love with you as this game is about anime love story with endless nightmares. This is adventure escape in which you can hide anywhere, inside or outside of school parking area or scary classrooms find a good place to hide and stay there until these anime nightmares: love story ends and escape anime high school.

Complete puzzles and escape this anime horror story. Hide and seek from evil ghost who is control by evil nun and go through all the hard quests in order to survive the scary night in this anime games. If you are scared of scary killer clown or evil nun then this game will give you the same amount of thrills as these endless nightmares counties and you have to survive this anime horror love story game and escape the high school.

Apart from evil ghost who is control by evil nun there are more evil that hide in this anime high school neighbor houses are empty and might have some mysterious things that can solve this anime high school mystery. In this adventure escape and survival game you play as a anime boy who is in search of anime girl ghost who is roaming around anime scary school and rescue other children from anime girl ghost who is control by granny. Solve the entire puzzle in this horror game and survival the five nights of hell in anime endless nightmare anime love story game.

Anime Endless Nightmare Anime love store is a terror ghost game for free and also a offline game with realistic graphics and scary sounds combine with jump scares. Anime endless nightmare anime love store game play requires you to solve the puzzle to survive creepy scary school there is no teacher in this school to protect you find a assemble parts of gun and shoot her when anime evil ghost who is control by evil nun comes too close to you so that can get away. If you want to play realistic and creepy horror ghost game with fun free terror then this super scary game is for you complete all the mysteries and outlast the anime evil ghost in this anime game

Anime Endless Nightmares Anime Love Store Features:

• Free to play offline game which you can play anywhere you want
• Great spooky storyline solve creepy case mysteries find out the scary truth
• Explore the spooky anime high school and neighbor houses to find clues
• Hide from horrible anime ghost girl or you will fall in love and stay there for ever
• Spooky 3d design attractive love story with a horrible ending

Can you overcome your fear? Thrilling night begins don’t scream stay hidden and start your horror adventure

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