Anomaly : Girls Beyond Science

Anomaly : Girls Beyond Science

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  • - Required Android: 5.1 and up
  • - Total Installs: 1,000+
  • - Published Date: Jan 11, 2023


Play Anomaly : Girls Beyond Science and Discover romance and adventure from beyond this world!

As a fan of the supernatural, you couldn’t help but investigate a rumor about a local abandoned amusement park…

Little did you know that your curiosity would lead to an unstoppable creature being unleashed upon the world!

Just when you think it’s about to all be over, you’re saved by a mysterious organization that aims to protect people from such monsters!

Now that you know their secret, they have no choice but to recruit you into their ranks! Will you be able to protect your town from a mysterious anomaly?

Find out in this exciting bishoujo simulation from Genius Studio Japan!

β– Charactersβ– 

Ayaka - The Agressive Agent
Ayaka is a field agent that works for the mysterious organization and takes her job very seriously.

She’s not a fan of having a newbie like you on the team, but she might just warm up to you…

Rico - The Anamolous Agent
Rico is Ayaka’s partner and while she might look human, she’s actually more related to the monster that you awakened!

She’s generally soft-spoken, but she seems to be particularly interested in you.

Minene - The Childhood Friend
Minene is your classmate and childhood friend. She’s always had special feelings for you, but after you went missing for a few days, she begins to worry about you even more.

Will you choose to keep her in the dark or endanger her with the truth?

Discover romance and Otome Game from beyond this world!

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