Attack Wagon - Атака на Повозку

Attack Wagon - Атака на Повозку

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  • - Required Android: 5.1 and up
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  • - Published/Updated Date: March 28, 2020


In one of the small villages in northern Texas, strange things began to happen. It used to be a very quiet place, but now at night in one of the mansions very strange cries were heard.

The villagers thought that there was nothing to worry about, just the inhabitants of the mansion were having fun with each other.

But soon, on a quiet good night, screams began to spread throughout the village. In just a few hours, the village turned into a cemetery of the dead.

The main exit from the village is blocked by the undead. Two friends, Viktor Kovalev and Harvard Cox, are trying to hide in their home, but soon realize that the idea is useless, because sooner or later zombies and monsters will get them.

To their happiness, they say on the radio: “In northern Texas, people quickly became infected with an unknown virus.

Attention, survivors, move to the north-west, there is a military base there! ”
Without thinking twice, Victor and Harvard took everything they needed, harnessed their horse - their faithful friend, and set off on a long journey full of dangers.

They can’t go unnoticed, zombies run after them, Victor shoots back, and Harvard drives the wagon. Can two friends get to the military base? Only you can help Victor and Harvard get to the military.

- 18 different types of zombies
- 4 Transports
- 4 different locations for the battle with zombies
- Character upgrade
And much more.

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14 total Total