Awakening : The Journey for Peace

Awakening : The Journey for Peace

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  • - Published/Updated Date: November 16, 2018


Awakening: Journey for Peace is a spiritual action game. Fight with yourself to avoid sinful emotions fear and evil monsters inside you.

Kill your greed, guilt, hatred, vengeance, arrogance, and ego to live the peaceful journey of life in this spiritual action game.

Play like a real hero, in the journey of life and fight with your inner evil monsters. It might be hard but not impossible. Download Awakening the Journey to peace and enjoy one of the best action games of 2019.

Get ready! Play this inner monsters action game to use safety shields and power-ups that would help you in survival escape mission.

Survive the hazards of dark evil ghost monsters and escape yourself from the sinful feelings like a real hero evil killer skills. This spiritual game is divided into seven powerful chakra`s.

The design of this action game is based on the yoga Chakras. The gameplay, Character, silhouette environment and even colors are based on yoga Chakras.

A very different game that makes player detach from everything except the real fight with you in this monster game. The game provides invaluable help in making your wishes come true, it disestablishes stereotypes, enlightens and expands your mind. Awakening:

A journey for Peace is a highly powerful tool for mental and physical rejuvenation.

Plunge into the darkness and experience the greatest fantasy action of the ages. Whip out that shadow of darkness and select an evil monster boss to kill sinful inner feelings anywhere at any time.

Freely experiment with multiple gameplay styles, wicked rare armor sets, and robust skill to create the best ending possible. An offline fighting game with the soul of a silhouette is not what this generation of gamer deserves, but needs! Awakening: Journey for Peace, will you accept the challenge?

Awakening: The Journey for Peace Feature:
• Different Amazing chapters of chakras.
• Smooth and Easy Controls.
• Realistic silhouette Environment and Sounds.
• Use power-ups and safety shields.
• High-quality 2D Graphics and Mode.

Download Awakening: Journey for peace and give us your feedback, so we can make more interesting games for you.

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