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  • - Published/Updated Date: November 15, 2021


Welcome to the Badlands Off-Road Festival. Take your favorite SUV and conquer rocky mountains. This festival is for car enthusiasts who want to have fun exploring great tracks and testing off-road vehicle capabilities.

With steep cliffs, smooth slides and ski jumping, Badlands offers you interesting trails, built along the contours of real mountain ranges. Sharp rocks or smooth hills? Travel to colorful national parks and enjoy the sunny views as you drive. Take part in a race with a change of time of day and weather conditions, this will add even more variety and will not let you get bored while conquering the next peak. Wade through sandstorms and large rocks, morning, afternoon or night, challenge yourself climb hills like a bronco. Check how high your defender can drive.

Get behind the wheel of your dream car. Badlands offers a test drive of over 20 fictional SUVs and pickups. Complete tracks and accumulate slippage to unlock new models. There are many vehicles with unique characteristics at your disposal. Pick your favorite and hit the road. Drive luxury cars through the mountains

Immerse yourself in an arcade racing simulator and experience the fun atmosphere of the festival. Enjoy realistic effects and simple car controls. Use gravity controls not to roll over. Play anytime and get new models for your achievements. Tune your car to overcome difficult obstacles - use air suspension and headlights to prevent your wheels from getting stuck in the mud. Leave behind only the dust from under the wheels, setting records on the tracks. Satisfy your need for speed by testing electric cars and sport utility vehicles in extreme conditions.

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