Balus Miras

Balus Miras

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  • - Published/Updated Date: November 21, 2018


Balus Miras is a dark fantasy puzzle with its own game characteristics that no one has ever experienced.

It is a must-see "New Year's monster" of new concept reproduced with full 3D and real motion, "Castle in the sky" which makes you feel strange charm with its image to the godly appearance.

And, with its unique puzzle system that allows you to enjoy deep strategy and the asynchronous battle mode, you will bring players the original fun of "the pleasure of progressing and improving".

Balus Miras Contents :

Balus Miras Story :

In the past, this earth was said to have been dominated by the Milas (people).
They were able to produce a sky stone that has special masonry skills and can fulfill the endless flight ...

Eventually, those who had survived the mighty power of the sky stone finally asked for a place of domination to the sky.

Due to this "arbitrary intention" which was furious with this arrogant behavior, the earth sat on the bottom of the deep ocean overnight ...

However, some Miras were said to have escaped to the sky by the force of the sky stone.
Eventually, by the descendants, the kingdom floating in the sky, castles in the sky were built one after another ...

Balus Miras features :

① Accumulate experience during succession

The player will be the young heir to the throne of the sky castle.
Immediately after the start, you will play in a private-only mode called "Inheritance" in the space hidden in the castle in the sky. While enjoying puzzles at my own pace, I will get rewards.

② Get a big beast with hunting

To fight puzzles overwhelmingly advantageously, 'big beast' is necessary.
Set on stage "Super Cell (Ultra Gigantic Cumulonimbus)" where the big beast lives, let's hit a unique hunt that no one has ever experienced and get big bugs.

③ Training and strengthening big beasts

If you acquire a big beast, cultivate it and strengthen it.
The size of the big beast is different for each individual, and its ability is raised as the size becomes larger.
Also, the big beast has various Simone kills to help puzzles, it is also important to organize according to the characteristics of the enemy's defense unit.

④ Edit defense unit freely

Defense system called "defense unit" protects your own sky castle from opponent's attack in battle mode.
Take powerful parts and create your own defense unit to make a plastic model.

⑤ Strengthen further strength by strengthening

To win victory mode, strengthening the sky castle and facilities is also indispensable.
By using the reward you got, we will repeatedly reinforce the sky castle, facilities called "the pillars of guardian", and "Great Heaven Stone" to increase attack power and defense capabilities.

⑥ Asynchronous battle mode "Balus Miras"

In Sandoz fight, there is "attack warfare" which attacks other players and "defense game" standing with an attack from other players.
In the defense game, the defense unit set in advance keeps protecting automatically from the opponent's attack. You can watch the situation slowly in Replay mode later.
The goal is to repeat the Sandals battle and get a higher rank than the other players.

■ Basic rules of the puzzle

· Stack the flying stones in a pyramid shape, trace two or more colors of the same color and release your fingers, they overlap and attack the enemy above the sky.
· When flying stones combine in the air, the attack power will be doubled up in proportion to that number of times.
· Before you hit the enemies approaching from above, destroy enemy defense units and sky castle.
· The defense unit is made up of various parts, and the strategy method changes completely depending on the combination method.
· You can take up to 3 puzzles of Simba with the big beast you got.
· The big beast who became somebody has individual skills and is an encouraging existence to help the player.

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