Battlefield 24 Days

Battlefield 24 Days

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  • - Published/Updated Date: November 7, 2018


Battlefield 24 Days is an urban area, progressively activity, against genuine players all around!
The world is in vestiges after an atomic end of the world. Be that as it may, from inside the fiery remains of the atomic war, there is a start of expectation.

Survivors are scattered around remnants of significant urban communities from New York to San Francisco and London to Paris.

It isn't the finish of humankind, however, it is up to the survivors to keep surviving. To revamp civilization we require a solid military officer, no one but you can lead us to ascend from the end of the world.

Rescue. Assemble. Secure. Execute. Survive. Overcome. This is your fate now.
Overcome Real-Life Cities

Not any more silly buffoonery, this is this present reality. Look over four genuine urban communities - New York, San Francisco, London, and Paris - to start your transcend the atomic end of the world. Speak to your city, spare your kindred survivors and vanquish foe urban communities!

Continuous Strategy Against Real Players

Issue part second requests continuously that will decide your military triumph or thrashing. Much the same as a genuine war, you should have a procedure and compose assets for your assaults and execute your war plan to a blame.

It is either assault or be assaulted as you are encompassed by a great many genuine players from all around the globe with indistinguishable objective from you. It's about your methodology. Make each fight, each move check.

Redo Your Army

Assemble and alter your own armed force of fight solidified tanks, insect automatons, helicopters, and troops to accommodate your fight system of a decision. Regardless of whether it is securing your city of atomic survivors, searching assets or assaulting adversary bases, with a solitary military request, your unwavering armed force will battle to the demise for you.

Grow Your Ruling

After you have constructed the establishment for your base and got your armed forces set up, the time has come to wander out into nature. Investigate encompassing domains and attack adversary bases for assets and government. There are restricted assets so in the event that you need it, you should battle for it. Extend your region and amplify your powers in a continuous all-encompassing guide. The more assets and domain you overcome, the more power you have, this is war.

Collaborate With Power Alliances

The atomic end of the world may have transformed the world into remnants, however, it hasn't turned everybody on you.

Among survivors, you will meet foes, yet you will likewise meet precious partners. Find and collaborate with trusty genuine player partners all battling for a similar reason. Help each other for aggregate gains and plan out military systems with them progressively over the talk.

Your partners are all you have, so help them in the midst of franticness and demand fortifications since no one can really tell when you will require them to respond the support.

Miss Secretaries Are At Your Service.

All alone, it will unquestionably be a test to accomplish anything. Why not prepare your Miss Secretaries, and make them your most great associates?

Cute Jenny or flirtatious Susan, whom do you incline toward? Or on the other hand, you might be into the cool beauty Lucy? Date your most loved secretary and develop support with her! What happens when your support achieves 100%?

Gather Powerful Heroes to Fight for You

Gather ground-breaking saints at the bar to root for you and help you rule the city! Have Barton deal with the armed force, Napoleon assemble attacks, and Einstein creates advancements. Something else? Simply give your requests!

24-day Deathmatch

As the most recent day of Deathmatch is drawing nearer, battling has turned into a day by day schedule! To survive the imposing foe capability, is head-on counter-assault or raising force while shrouded your alternative?

Would it be a good idea for you to organize innovation research or military extension? Should prisoners be dispensed with or swung to be our partners? Any of those key choices will influence your execution in the last standoff! Win to survive and lose to pass on. It is about choices.

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