Beach Flags

Beach Flags

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  • - Required Android: 50+
  • - Installs: 49M
  • - Published/Updated Date: November 15, 2018


*Jump, run and swim
Let's jump and avoid the gimmicks placed on the course, such as sand castles and wooden boxes!
Beware of numbing Jellyfish and driftwood in the ocean! Let's avoid these gimmicks and catch the flag that floated in the sea!

*Fill Dash gauge and accelerate quickly
As the running speed increases, the dash gauge of the speed meter also gradually goes up.
When the dash gauge fills up, you can run and swim in an accelerated state temporarily.
If you raise the meter up to the dangerous area you will stumble, so be careful!

*Beach flags which action elements became stronger
In addition to conventional courses, courses with action elements has added.
Gimmicks that prevents the way to the goal is also newly added, and the difficulty is upgrading.

*Improve your ability, and challenge the stage
The more stage level advances, competitors will become stronger.
Let's win the game and improve your abilities and prepare for the next course.

*New characters added!
Eight characters who appeared as opponents in the previous work can be used. Let's clear the difficult course with the newly added character!

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