Beast Warzone

Beast Warzone

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  • - Required Android: 5.0 and up
  • - Installs: 100+
  • - Published/Updated Date: December 23, 2021


1. [Buster Taming] Lairs of prehistoric busters are scattered around this island. Gorillas, tyrannosaurus haunt mountains and forests; apatosaurus and ancient tortoises lurk in waters; roaring dragonoids glide across the sky with prey in their claws. Defeat, capture and tame them! They will be the strongest force in your army!

2. [Turf War] The law of jungle rules this world of busters! Besiege forts belonging to other players. Plunder resources from your opponents and conquer them! The wild busters you tamed will be the greatest fear for your enemies! And don’t forget to fortify your own fort. Resist the invaders with the solidest defense!

3. [Base Construction] You are going to lead your troops into the depths of this undeveloped island, and build your own military base from scratch. Explore the unknown and expand your territory step by step! Drive away rebels and busters rooted in neutral regions and occupy these lands as your own. Develop technologies and collect resources. Your influence will be widely acknowledged in no time!

4. [Army Development] Assemble your troops and fight alongside busters! Take advantage of the counter among different types of units. Map out the most efficient strategy according to your opponent’s formation and type so as to crush them!

5. [Socializing] Join allies with common goals in a league! Accelerate your expansion under a joint effort; hunt busters, challenge other leagues, and conquer the world along with your allies!