Bomb Punk

Bomb Punk

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  • - Required Android: 4.1 and up
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  • - Published/Updated Date: December 29, 2020



Bomb Punk is an independent adventure action game.

In 2077, the mechanized and biochemical crowds rebelled against human rule.

The global nuclear weapons of human was hacked silos by the main system in an isolated war situation, and activated all nuclear bombs to carry out a devastating blow to humans.

After the defeat of humans, the surface of the earth was full of radiation and terror. Human beings have to hide underground to survive.

After the war, many explorers appeared in human beings, wearing biochemical suits and shuttled through the underground bases to explore the necessities of survival. Black market traders...

[Bomb Punk Features]
* Various weapon forms, sticky bombs, split bombs, expansion bombs.
*Multi-terrain, multi-element, terrain can be destroyed, waiting for you to explore.
*A variety of cool enemies, waiting for you to defeat.
*Randomly generate map levels, each time there is a new experience.
*Countless other features, just play around!

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