Brain Craft

Brain Craft

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  • - Required Android: 4.4 and up
  • - Installs: 1+
  • - Published/Updated Date: November 17, 2020



Braincraft is a 'connect and create' type game. You will have to work your brain hard to combine all the pieces of the puzzle and create all 700 icons.

Some of the connections will be easy, but not all! Combine, try and climb through the increasingly difficult levels, almost a 100 of them are waiting for you.

A string and a stick? Fishing rod! A wand and glasses? Of course, Harry Potter! Trivial?

Try your hand at puzzle riddles, pay attention to every detail, and when necessary – combine as many as three elements.

There are different icons around the circle, some of them are revealed – they will be the ones create the others, drag two of them into the middle and see if you can create a new one with them, if they return to their place, it means that their combination doesn't create anything new.

If they stay on the counter but nothing happens, it means one more icon is required.You will definitely not get bored with us, every level is more and more difficult, so it won't become monotonous, and as many as 700 different icons will keep you surprised with every new discovery.

In addition to the classic elements that surround us, you will also discover characters from the world of mythology, movies and favourite TV series, some will be terrible monsters, and others cute animals.

The game, in addition to being great fun, also provides a solid dose of creative thinking, training our mind is very important and helps us on many levels just like crosswords or mathematical logic games. We combine fun with learning.

Do you already know what will come out of the combination of a millionaire and a yacht? We'll leave this question unanswered, see for yourself and get caught up in the adventure.Create everyday objects, new animals, countries, movies and funny meme characters, and boast to your friends about your collection of discoveries. Guess what will be next!

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