BRAKE - Dont crash against the wall - Atypical clicker/physics simulator

BRAKE - Dont crash against the wall - Atypical clicker/physics simulator

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  • - Required Android: 4.1 and up
  • - Installs: 10+
  • - Published/Updated Date: August 8, 2020



BRAKE - Dont crash against the wall is atypical clicker/physics simulator! Park as close as possible infront of a wall!

BRAKE - Dont crash against the wall is a very special clicker / incremental and physics simulation.

Here you DONT click on the screen to get points... NO your main job is to brake and park as close
as possible infront of a wall, WITHOUT A COLLISION.

Depending on your speed, your multiplier and your distance to the wall- you will get points and coins!

You need to hit the brake in the right moment to start the emergency brake and avoid a collision:
- if you stop to late you will crash against the wall!
- if you stop to early the distance to the wall will be to big and you also lose!

40 Cars:
This game has 40 unlockable autos of all kinds. You will unlock and use 4X4 SUV´s, trucks, luxus autos, military autos, buggy´s, ice cream trucks, a bus, a formula 1 auto...

Every car has different physics properties, like speed, acceleration, weight, torque, size, damping...

These different physics properties influence the brake behaviour and the chance for a crash accident gets higher.

global multiplier: can be upgraded
car multiplier: multiplies the coins / points of the current car
playtime multiplier: more playtime = higher multiplier

IDLE / Car stacking:
Everytime you react great and park a car successfully, this run will be stored and the "shadowcar" starts to idle (drive automaticlly).
This means if you have successfully parked 3 cars, then 3 cars will idle and help you automaticlly to get points and coins.

Points / Coins:
The points rank you up in the global leaderboard and the coins let you purchase cars or
upgrade your global multiplier to get even more points and coins!

Online Leaderboard:
The leaderboards are live and do show top scores or the scores of each country!

BRAKE - Dont crash against the wall Features:
- realistic 2D physics emergency brake simulator
- free offline & incremental game
- endless racing gameplay
- very special incremental / clicker game
- all kind of cars (SUV -> formula 1)
- 5 multipliers (playtime, session, global, car, boost)

I hope you like my game :)

This is a free physics emergency crash simulation by

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