Brutal Beatdown : 3D Ragdoll Kicker & Puncher Fight

Brutal Beatdown : 3D Ragdoll Kicker & Puncher Fight

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  • Required Android: 4.1 and up
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  • Published/Updated Date: May 12, 2019


Defend the Dojo in Brutal Beatdown! ????

Brutal Beatdown It’s an epic beating quest in 3D – a mix of funny street fight & ragdoll fighting – and you are in the middle of it.

Enroll in face fights filled with tons of brutal smacking, kicking, boxing, and combo punching.

Brutal Beatdown puts you on an endless physics-based fighting quest of beating karate fighters using original fighter characters with different styles & martial art skills.

Pick your original character and defend the karate dojo from the constantly growing hordes. Pick fighters with different fighting styles like drunken kung fu, taekwondo, boxing, wrestling and more. Indulge your face fighting senses by enrolling in karate fights, kung fu fights or fun face punching & kicker battles.

Showcase great fighting skills by punching, kicking and beating the villains who are trying to destroy you. String together a long COMBO✅ of attacks to get high scores & collect coins. Unlock new characters and level up your favorite fighters to become even more powerful.

▪️ 15+ Unlockable Characters
▪️ different fighting styles like: Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, classic boxing, wrestling, Taekwondo, karate, drunken kung fu & more
▪️ single player & 3D endless fighting gameplay
▪️ fast 3D kicking & punch face fight battles
▪️ unlock new characters
▪️ level up characters
▪️ record 3 second gifts of exciting or funny moments in your fights and share them on social media
▪️ global leaderboards
▪️ achievements
▪️ daily rewards
The Dojo is always in danger.
Hordes are coming ready to be smacked and beaten. So, don’t miss the joy of smacking them & winning amusingly thrilling fight brawls.
???? Get the physics-based ragdoll fighting & puncher game now for FREE!

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