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  • - Required Android: 4.4 and up
  • - Installs: 5+
  • - Published/Updated Date: February 15, 2020


Play Buglove and Test your speed with a touch! A game to fight insects with simple touch!

play method
- Press the square button at the top to proceed to the stage.

- Use top-level hearts per play.
(If you look at the advertisement, you can charge hearts. Always charge to MAX state.)
- Once the game is up, click on the bugs to catch them.
- If HP is exhausted or if there is no time left, it will be game over.
- Once a game over, you can view and continue the ad. When you return to the waiting room, you can start with the final clear stage. (Every 10 stages)

- You can get gold by catching bugs.
- Every 10 stages, the difficulty rises to random (enemy strength, enemy attack, etc.)
- The higher the stage, the more gold you get.
- The higher the combo, the more gold you will get.
- Gold can purchase, upgrade, or purchase and upgrade gloves.
- Once the gloves are completely worn out, they will be destroyed and become standard gloves. If the game continues, the gloves will be restored.

- The difficulty rises rapidly from 110 stages or above.
(The difficulty is increased by one more for every 10 stages.)
- The AD button below the waiting room can double the Gold for 5 minutes by viewing the ad.
- Glove button located below the waiting room can be purchased and upgraded.
- Item button located below the waiting room can purchase and upgrade items.

-Buglove Introduction-

One day, bugs that appear all over the world!
A legendary cleaner has appeared to clean up these disgusting swarms of bugs!
You have to keep getting stronger and evolving with more powerful equipment!
The bugs are getting stronger because of their unknown power. I need your strength!

It's a game of catching bugs with a simple touch.

It's a memory game called "Dusty Catching," which is a motif. In order to keep the fun alive when touched, more diverse-looking bugs will emerge as enemies.

Players can attack strategically through gloves with various attributes, and through items, they can effectively fight off bugs through additional effects.

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