Call of Darkness

Call of Darkness

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  • - Required Android: 4.0.3 and up
  • - Installs: 5+
  • - Published/Updated Date: November 18, 2019


Call of Darkness is a SLG game / Diablo themes & Hero featured / Mass PVP battle /Alliance war. 

At the beginning of chaos, there were two worlds, the Divinity and the Demon World. In order to maintain the perpetuation of each other's lineage, the two factions made a non-aggression pledge. However, the propagation of the Terran started to break the balance between the two worlds. The Divinity became dreadful as the power of Terran kept growing. Cruel suppression came with the fear. Satan, the leader of the demon world, didn't want the Terran to be enslaved by the Divinity. He brought magic, wisdom, courage and freedom to the Terran. A war between the Divinity and the rest of the world was brewing.

Call of Darkness is an MMO, Real-Time war strategy game. You will play the role of a lord in the darkness world, build your own realm, train troops, ally with other players, engage yourself in epic multiplayer warfare, occupy rival cities, defeat anyone who stands in your way and free the world from the enslavement of divinity.

You are the leader of the rebellions. Be prepared to embrace the rise of Darkness, my lord!

Features you will find in the game:

☆Fight in Real-Time Wars with Strategies and Tactics☆
Play Call of Darkness with real time MMO battle actions against thousands of player from all over the world. Win battles by proper use of different strategies and tactics.

☆ Immerse in a brand new Diablo-Themed Strategy Game☆
No more medieval kingdoms. This game gives you a completely different experience with classic DIABLO style graphics. Unique story setup immerses you in an adventurous black magic world you've never seen before. Dragons, Angels, Sirens, Werewolves and tons of other DARK elements are ready for you to explore.

☆ Build up a Demon Empire to fight against the Divinity ☆
Create an Underground Castle of your own by constructing and upgrading various legendary buildings, research black magic techs to boost up your power, train demon legions to help you survive clashes. Only your empire can win this battle royale and terminate the divinity's unmerciful rule for good.

☆ Summon Heroes and train Troops to make an invincible legion☆
Over 50 heroes from different civilizations and dimensions, each with their unique traits are available for summon, more are on their way to join as the war gets intensified. 50 variant of demon warriors can be trained, each type of warriors has its advantage and disadvantage that makes the battle tactics more flexible and unpredictable.

☆ Massive Alliance Warfare☆
Fight against other rival players and wage wars in massive PvP warfare events. Create a formidable alliance to help your fellow men grow stronger, take the ultimate throne with excellent leadership and strategies.

☆ Exciting PVE events☆
The Divinity will never give up a single chance to crush the demon world. Endless hordes of divine armies will be sent out to attack your homeland. Always be prepared for the incoming intruders or be annihilated.

☆ Daily Wilderness Loots☆
Hunt the enemy stragglers outside your territory. Defeat giant dragons and other boss monsters to loot their treasures. A wise lord shall never let go any chance to get what is needed for his incremental power.

More features are on the plan and will be released over time. What do you actually want? You name it, we give it. Stay tuned for more fun!

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