Cannons Evolved - Unreal Artillery & Explosions!

Cannons Evolved - Unreal Artillery & Explosions!

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  • - Required Android: 5.0 and up
  • - Installs: 100+
  • - Published/Updated Date: April 3, 2020



Get ready for some real destructive fun with insane artillery power! Addictive and challenging, use an array of different cannons to destroy voxel/sphere structures and watch them collapse and blow away in a physics-based environment! Beware, this isn't your typical cannon shooting game.

Each cannon comes with 3 unique skills to aid you once levels become harder. You have 15 different ammunition types to use with your cannons, and they get progressively crazier! From simple ammo such as bigger cannonballs, fireballs, and grapeshots to tornados, black holes, laserballs, and more! You may even encounter ammo types that require you to toggle their power mid-shot.

The game has been extensively tested and optimized to perform on a wide array of devices from low-end hardware to high end. Some compromises, such as the amount of cubes used to create the structures had to be made to allow for fluid gameplay, and for lower end phones you have at your disposal the Performance Mode option! If you experience lag, enable it to gain a boost of performance! The maximum amount of cubes in one single level currently is 1,000!

As you progress further, you'll meet a variety of obstacles that'll make your life much harder. Spinning fans, moving barriers, bouncing balls, meteor storms, dancing balls, floating cubes, lasers, hammers, and worse of all...a combination of any of them! You will feel joy, satisfaction, anger, and a desire to keep going. You wanted heavy artillery? How about a sci-fi cannon that spawns meteors? You'll need all the firepower you can get for those late levels.

Featuring 4 areas each with 100 levels and 400 structures, and more to come in later updates! Go ahead, pick a cannon, pick an ammo type, and get to it in Cannons Evolved!

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