Car Tycoon :Racing Club Manager

Car Tycoon :Racing Club Manager

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  • Required Android: 4.1 and up
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  • Published/Updated Date: November 7, 2019


Car Tycoon : Racing Club Manager, satisfying everything you want to create.

2019 latest racing games, you have to play it to believe it.
Speed, is yearning and pursuit in racing games. But it's not just one of conditions, here's more of what you want in Car Tycoon: Racing Club Manager. 2019 latest racing simulate strategy game is coming on!

Car Tycoon: Racing Club Manager, simulate real car city scene, experience various special activity to enrich your life. The duels on the race track will be electrifying. You don't want to keep ahead in the rat race? You don't want to be the last winner in the racing game? Build racing club, pick racing driver, modify cars to join the competition. Around the car produced by the various services, such as car decorative beauty, car modification, car repair and other functions let you experience in this racing game.

Adding more fun to your plain life, Car Tycoon: Racing Club Manager, your best and the most correct choice! The most realistic simulate racing city game, play it then you will fall in love with it!

Countless Car & Super Racing Driver
- Four broad kinds: saloon, truck, jeep and supercar. Pick your best vehicle and do whatever you want to do in Car Tycoon: Racing Club Manager!
- According to the opponent's lineup, make a reasonable match with your participating cars, so that you can minimize your own losses and easily defeat your opponent.
- Racing driver can be recruited through the training center. Some are good at straights, or corners. The racing driver can be assigned different cars depending on the driver's different abilities.

Freely Simulator City
- Free place buildings what you like. Use diverse ornament, like tree, grass, flower to create your dream car city.
- Long press buildings or ornaments, move them everywhere you want. Ornaments also can be removed.

City Championship
- All of managers can lead car team to take part in city championship.
- The same alliance can borrow cars from each other, and the game will automatically trigger the competition when different alliance enter the track.

League Matches
- Divide into four seasons, each season will last for three months.
- Different season own special theme and definitive racetrack. End of it, rewards are awarded based on the number of completed track by alliance.
- Occupy the definitive track, more rewards are available.

Helicopter System
- Six kinds of helicopter: different helicopters have different attributes.
- Collect fragment to compose helicopter.

Driving Test
- Experience simulate driving test. Match the corresponding opponent based on the player's current level.
- Only the current level can challenge the next level. After completing each level, you will get points and receive rewards for the current level.

Download Car Tycoon: Racing Club Manager and join player all over the world right now!
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