Cardboard Life on Island Survival

Cardboard Life on Island Survival

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  • - Required Android: 1+
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  • - Published/Updated Date: October 27, 2018


Card life is awesome and you are going to spend some days in cardboard world! Card life is always fun, you can investigate mines of cardboard island or just stroll through the world. In this survival simulator every day of your could be the last day, so find cardboard supplies, craft various items, which will help you in your survival on the island and find out how cardboard characters live. Make sure that your last day on Cardboard Island is far away and investigate the island. Find cardboard creatures in mines and use them to craft food. Prove yourself that you can live on island easily in our new simulator: Cardboard Life on Island Survival.

In this survival simulator, you have one simple target: keep your last day as far as you can and survive. Crafting will help you in your survival. Craft axes, and swords to survive on the island. Craft pickaxe to find something useful in mine. For crafting you need just a cardboard tile, cut out what you need and use this item to survive. Create a shelter or even a house for your character. Keep an eye on his card life, make sure he will not meet his last day on the cardboard island because of starving. Share this survival games with your friends and find out whose survival on Cardboard Island will last longer. Be the first one to investigate mines and craft a shelter, show your friend, that survival is not a big deal for you.

Cardboard Life on Island Survival is a free to play card life simulator. Investigate the cardboard island with its mines. Craft a shelter and inventory for your character and make sure that his last day on this island is far away. Prepare your cardboard pickaxe and go, find something interesting in mines. Find out how real card life feels. Call your friends and together investigate mines of islands. Card life is miraculous and you have a chance to see it on this cardboard island. Find unusual cardboard creatures and use them, as you need, to get food for example. Download our survival simulator and start your own card life.