Castle of Hope

Castle of Hope

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  • - Published/Updated Date: July 14, 2019


In the far away land of Kellyaum, sword and magic stand as the symbol of strength and majesty which rule here.

People devote themselves to blade art and magic spell, strive to become the warrior of kingdom, wise wizard or free adventurer.

There are many castles and lords in he land of Kellyaum. For the sake of their own interests, some are neutral, while others are in alliances, and they have been fighting each other for 200 years...

And you, a young man who travels the world and explores the truth, suddenly receives news that the lord has passed away in a coalition war. Mother recalls you overnight.

Now, as the sole successor of the family, you must take your responsibility and reinvigorate the prestige of the family.

However, when faced with the castle that was ruined by the flames of war, you don’t know where to start.

Lack of productivity, scarce population, broken armor... Fortunately, you still remember the aphorism that Aunt Emma said: "Open the windows, let the sun go through your melancholy, everything will be fine!".

Now, keep your spirits up and start by recruiting armed warriors to clear up the monsters around the castle and return the peace to the residents in it.

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