Cendrillon palikA

Cendrillon palikA

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  • - Required Android : 4.4 and up
  • - Total Installs : 1+
  • - Published Date : Jan 26, 2023
  • - Categorie : Simulation

Cendrillon palikA is free simulation Otome Game for mobile smartphones developed by Idea Factory Co.,Ltd

Cendrillon palikA Story :

A beautiful glass city ♥ TOOKYO-sugar cane-♥.
- This city is cursed.

The curse had tied the residents of Tokai into a city,
Wearing the glass, I could go out outside.

But you have to go back to the city before 0:00 on the first date.
With our body becoming glass, suffering and hopelessness comes, and you are going to die!

In an unforgettable life, a girl who lives in Tokyo is encountering a wizard.
He taught the girl how to break the glass shoes and curse.

"Move the time of the clock umpire Astrolabe" in the center of the city."

On the other hand, the six men reach a message card and one side of a glass shoe.
Is it someone's thought or it's God's prank?

The girl doesn't know.
Whether the truth is hidden in the curse or a feeling in a glass shoe.
And a beautiful and sad story begins with a lot of tears and destiny overlapping.

Cendrillon palikA Specs :

You can enjoy the beginning of the story as a free range.

Please note that in-app purchases are required to enjoy all the content except the free range.

You must play the entire free range to use in-app purchases.

The game has built-in mechanics including quick save/load, read/unread skip, auto mode, backlog, rewind, and many more.

Cendrillon palikA Characters :
Purple phoenix [Chien] = Clinocroa CV: Syo Hino
Melancholic [Yuren] = Murler CV: Yuma Uchida
Spinning [Ela] = Amarlic CV: Summer Tree Hana
Black lethal [Krone] = Spinel CV: Daisy Nami river
Gordon [Lindow] = Westeria CV: Kazuichi Kotsu
Weeping Tiger [NATRA] = Pioney CV: Koji
Song Purple Song [Kashka] = Gale CV: Noriyoshi Sagihill

[Recommended Devices]
Android 4.4 or later is supported.

You may purchase this app on non-supported OS/supported devices,
It might not work properly.

If you are using an unsupported OS/supported device,
Please note that we cannot make a guarantee of refund or refund.

※We recommend that you download the game over a Wi-Fi network.
※ Save data cannot be taken over after changing the model.
※ Cendrillon palikA is offline game and no need attention internet.

[User Support]
If you have any problems with the app, please check the "FAQ".

Please use the [Contact Us] email form to contact us if there is no problem.
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