CherryTree - text based RPG (download now)

CherryTree - text based RPG (download now)

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  • - Required Android: Android 9 and up
  • - Installs: 0+
  • - Published/Updated Date: Sep 29, 2022



CherryTree - The Text-based RPG is A super simple to learn and complex to master text based RPG!

Level up your Skills
- Level up your skills and reach Level 99
- Unlock awesome new gear and potions
- Become a master of all skills
- Train Attack, Strength, Defence, Health, Slayer, Fishing, Cooking, Crafting, Alchemy, Navigation and Farming!

Defeat Tough Enemies
- Defeat tough enemies and level up your combat skills
- The tougher the enemy, the more rewarding the loot
- Get super rare loot drops from the toughest of enemies

Slayer Tasks
- Get Slayer bounties from powerful masters
- Complete these bounties for amazing Slayer unlocks

- Complete tons of quests
- Get amazing rewards including experience scrolls

Simple to learn, yet complex to master!