CODE; Dead Ends

CODE; Dead Ends

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  • - Required Android : 5.1 and up
  • - Total Installs : 50+
  • - Published Date : Feb 16, 2023
  • - Categorie : Simulation

CODE; Dead Endsis is free simulation Romance Otome game,Survive through a world full of chaos.

The outbreak of the L1 virus has changed the whole world.

Those who got infected lost every inherent characteristic except ferocious aggression.
Leaving countless casualties, Prancesco area has become an anarchic place.

Lucy, who used to be a student, gets attacked by an infected person on her way home.
Soon, she tries running away with Samuel.

However, little do they know another near-death situation is ahead of them awaiting…

When faced the world full of despair and fear,
a helping hand was extended to the girl who was running away desperately.

CODE; Dead Ends Characters :

Since the call of [CODE: Dead Ends],
Lucas has been the leader of the civilian task force in Prancesco area.
As a former police officer, he puts effort into saving the citizens.

However, realizing his limits, he’s learned to give up over time.
Lucas has kind impact on those who are in despair.

With his leadership skill, he establishes a special force unit with the best teamwork.

Since the call of [CODE: Dead Ends],
Covered in blood, this young man has wandered around in a ruined city.

Being an Olympic shooter, his main skill is to aim accurately at the heads of the infected using one bullet.

Although his quirky personality gets him into trouble, he is usually a fun and friendly entertainer.

Since the call of [CODE: Dead Ends],
In a ruined city, Cale has prioritized subordination over personal feelings when it comes to competing a mission.

To Cale, any threat to security is to be eliminated.
He always tries his best to take one more civilian to the safe shelter.

Lucy’s next-door neighbor, Samuel has known Lucy since they were young.
He’s currently in his first year as an orthopedic surgeon at a leading medical school.

When he visited his parents’ house in Prancesco for a few days, CODE; Dead Ends was called, and he ends up in trouble with Lucy.

Apart from his clumsy side, he’s usually calm and quick in decision making, and leads Lucy in emergency situations.