Cook, Inc

Cook, Inc

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  • - Published/Updated Date: November 16, 2018


Cook, Inc is a new food truck game Get your utensils ready for the most exciting culinary experience ever! Have your very own food stall and attract as many foodies as possible.

Start with a lemonade stand to collect cash, find your way up to upgrade it to a food truck... and eventually, a fancy restaurant.

Your taps decide when you could upgrade to the most fantastic foodie station ever. Tap to upgrade your food stand, tap to recruit your kitchen crew, tap to attract visitors alike, everything is just under your taps because you’re the master chef of your very own food business.

Come to join in and start your very own culinary business!

Cook, Inc. amenities:

- Every food stall will be cash-genic if you’re the chef who runs the business. Just run your fingers through the screen, everything is possible!
- Tap and tap like there is no tomorrow… Tap to attract foodie visitors, more taps, more visitors, more cash for you. You got how it works.
- Own rare and powerful kitchen utensils. With them, you can surely dominate the food business!
- Don’t just get enough of current cash. Spend your cash to upgrade your utensils: upgrade your spatula, upgrade your spices… you name them. All is for the sake of earning more cash for you and be the most famous food tycoon.

- You can always tap to attract more visitors. Even further, you can recruit foodie crews to assist you in your stall and gain more cha-ching for you: recruit junior chef, waiter, musician… all is under your tap.
- Recruit as many crew as possible, station them to attract more cash for your food business.
- Each crew has their own skill. Activate the skills to boost your food stall.

- Earn your Michelin Star and start your food business all over again with more revenue bonuses, means even more visitors and cash for your business!

Hear that? The foodies are hungry! Jump in and start cooking now!

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