Cooking up! – Your culinary success!

Cooking up! – Your culinary success!

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Cooking up! is a New best chef!
Take a place in the list of best chefs of the world together with Cooking up. Open the doors of your new restaurant and get deserved recognition right now!

Have you always wanted to become the best of the best in the world of haute cuisine? Well, dreams do come true! You, yes-yes, you were chosen to become chef's assistant in the café of your dreams. Hurry up, customers can't wait to taste your delicious dishes. Become a new star chef, win over your customers with knowledge of national cuisine of the touristic most favorite spots all around the world. Reveal your talent to the whole world, don't let anyone starve and you will always have a lot of tips!

Traveling around cuisines!
Your restaurant in Cooking up is a unique place, where customers can enjoy aromatic coffee and try leaf tea of the best quality. Tourists from all over the world will come to you to try the most popular dishes of Italy, the USA, Germany, France – and this is not the end of the list on your culinary map!

Do your customers adore traveling with you around the capitals of Europe, tasting the finest Austrian cake and enjoying traditional German breakfast, dipping bacon into a spicy sauce and looking through the menu, thinking of what to take for dessert? The customers have heard a lot about your talent and can't wait for you, and a new master chef desires to see his skillful assistant at work. The kitchen is open, the bakery is hot, so where are you?

Lots of adventures!
Restaurant's chef has been looking for a worthy disciple for a long time. He has dreamt of finding a gourmet, who is as in love with food, as he is, someone like you! And finally you two met, now kitchen has a lot of orders and the pizzeria becomes a Michelin restaurant with your help.

But what if customers like you even more than chef? Together with you, the coffee house doesn't take long to turn into a popular restaurant, loved by all, and customers will not only have pizza on their tables, but exotic fish as well. Your dessert will get into world records, and famous stars will become your regular customers. They will write enthusiastic reviews and drive restaurants' critics crazy – your place is all booked! Everyone is trying so hard in hope to taste your special pie, just like their beloved mothers cooked. The coffee house is turning into a high class restaurant, a place for chosen ones, where people are standing in crowds, hoping to have a table and a minute of new chef's attention. Yes-yes, everyone is talking about you.

What is waiting for you right now?
• the cuisines of 10+ countries of the world, where you will be able to perfect your culinary skills
• 50+ dishes and drinks for every country
• 6 countries with an enormous choice of special dishes (the USA, Britain, Italy, Spain, France, Denmark)
• 165 levels with constant growth of your skills and new tasks
• chef's kitchen with all necessary equipment
• tableware shop and constant upgrade of professional equipment for the fastest completion of orders
• boosters for cooking and other special secrets for true masters

It is time to show yourself to the world!
Well, are you ready to boast with your skills, and open up the secrets of cooking of 50 best dishes of the most famous European countries? Do you want to be famous for knowing the national cuisine of the USA? Have you always felt that your vocation is to surprise the customers with your culinary skills? Then, this place has been created just for you, chef!

Boosters will help you during rush hours, the tableware shop is always upgraded with latest technologies, there is an available fast service for VIPs and lots of tips are waiting for your pocket to come in and fill your wallet with golden coins. You have everything you need in the kitchen and the customers are waiting just for you!

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