Crazy Monster Legends

Crazy Monster Legends

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  • - Required Android : 9 and up
  • - Total Installs : 5+
  • - Published Date : Mar 4, 2023
  • - Categorie : Adventure

If you are crazy about monster fighting games & scary monster games then you must try to play our best Crazy Monster Legends games.

Welcome to one of the best Horror Monster Games offline : Creepy Scary Monster Fighting Simulator 3D.

Sigma Tech Games present the latest and new scary monster game that is full of fear. It has many chapters about scary environments and varieties of monsters.

It’s time to enjoy the real fear with multiple horror monsters in different environments.

Each Chapter has a different story of monsters that why monsters are crazy to attack humans.

In Crazy Monster Legends games, each environment has a famous monster with some special behavior of monster.

Famous Monster Characteristics:

In the Mansion Chapter, a female monster whose name is Mannequin (Bony-Ta).

She has a special character as she squeezes tightly of humans and breaks their bones to kill them.

And her behavior is when you see this monster she will stop walking other wise she will follow you and kill you. But she has the slow speed of following as she moves slowly.

In Cave Chapter, a female vampire(Lenora).

She is a very horror, having dark eyes and red lips with long pitch black hair and pointy canines.

Her famous character is hearing radius fast, vision fast. She hears noise very
sharply to very far distances and the view angle is clear at long distances.

So in this environment, there is a need to move slowly and hide.

In School Chapter, where Zombie (Bloodbuster) has vision fast to find of human then kill him.

Warning! Innocent humans are in danger. We need to search for the key then the door will be visible, open the door to escape yourself from the scary monster ⚔

Will you be ready to play the horror monster games challenge?

If yes, download the monster fighting games. Play the horror game chapters one by one and enjoy the real scary monster experience with creepy sound effect

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Gameplay of Crazy Monster Legends

You can choose a chapter in scary monster games. Then start playing in the horror environment where hide from scary monsters.

Each chapter has a famous and special behavior monster. You observe the behavior of the monster and then save yourself where can not attack the monster, only the monster can kill you.

So, you can search for the key for the escaping of yourself otherwise the monster will kill you. Monster has vision fast and some monster has hearing sense fast.

So be careful. Monster is searching you in scary environments by using its all senses like hearing and vision etc.

You have not any other option for surviving, when you will find the key then you will save yourself.

The door automatically appears and you will use this key and escape from the monster.

Main Features

-Each monster has its own special attributes and abilities to fight with humans!
-Each chapter has stronger monsters than normal monsters and dominates their special behavior!
-Every monster has different special behavior like hearing and viewing of you
-Face old buildings, horrifying rooms, dark basements, and Creepy Haunted house

Now you can experience a scary Crazy Monster Legends game lot of horror challenges in different missions that don’t have in other games in Play Store.

One of the offline games, let’s download monster fighting games for free. You must try to play and enjoy this scary monster games now.