Criminal Archives: Murders

Criminal Archives: Murders

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  • - Required Android : 7.0 and up
  • - Total Installs : 10+
  • - Published Date : May 5, 2023
  • - Categorie : Adventure

Sometimes there is far more than at first glance and accidents are not accidental at all. Enjoy thrilling crime investigation “Alphabetic Murders” of “Criminal Archives” detective games series!

The difference between a good detective and a bad detective is strength of character and the ability to act without thinking for more than 5 seconds.

Do you possess these qualities? You need to watch your back if you want to solve murder mystery and escape death.

It can be rather tricky, you will need to question suspects, search the crime scene and find all hidden objects, but surely you can unravel this unsolved case, right?

You are asked for help on one of the cases by Melinda Watson, a local constable. You get to work on the case and quickly find new clues that connect the three victims.

They were friends or at least business partners.

The further you progress, the more it is apparent that these murders are far from random.

You see a masked man break into one of the victims’ houses to steal his documents.

His wife Norma is devastated and says she didn’t even know that her husband had such papers. Can you discern truth from lies?

Your own investigation!
You have the opportunity to choose the character's phrases for a particular action to influence the course of detective investigation and solve crime.

Three seemingly unrelated murders happen at nearly the same time. Will you find the connection where the police investigator failed? Better think twice!

A variety of achievements!
Get ready for riveting puzzles, point and click forensic games and various hidden objects!

Begin by investigating the last crime scene and interviewing suspects.

The police didn't find anything unusual, but maybe you can look at the unsolved case files from a different angle?

If you’ll do it like a real detective you will earn numerous achievements to highlight your success!

Bonus chapter!
After solving the main criminal case, unlock one more crime investigation that will excite you and challenge your detective abilities!

A celebrity got an allergy after wearing a dress made by the fashion house you’re involved with.

Search mystery case files and help your friend fight off her false accusations!

Collectible items!
A new puzzle adventure is full of mysterious objects that the player needs to find in order to advance in the investigation!

Search collector's items at each crime scene and find out hidden objects. Prove that your detective skills have irreplaceable value!

Enjoy the free trial version of criminal investigation, then unlock the full game through an in-app purchase.