Dead Fortress - Zombie Defense

Dead Fortress - Zombie Defense

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  • - Required Android: 1+
  • - Installs: 56M
  • - Published/Updated Date: December 5, 2018


It was predicted. They were afraid of it. Waited for it. And it happened.

A zombie apocalypse has arrived. All your friends and acquaintances roam the street in search of meat and flesh. Horror flooded this city.

One mistake and you will become part of this horde. Can you pull yourself together and survive this nightmare? Grab a gun and we'll find out!

In Dead Fortress you are waiting for the defense of your fort, which you yourself will arrange in the future. Defend yourself from hordes of zombies, buy weapons and upgrade them. How long will you last?

In Dead Fortress you will see a great picture that allows you to get your device.

More than 30 types of weapons from pistols to minigun.

The virus mutates, and your opponents, too. Slow zombies are for movies. With us this is only the beginning. Can you knock down Fat Man? Or stop the Hulk? Everything depends on you.

No problem, play offline. Your results will not be lost.

and big plans for the future. Ability to play with friends and protect your fort. Outings into the city and search for equipment. Construction traps and obstacles. Selling components in the common market between players from around the world. And this is only part of what we have planned. Be a part of this story, and contribute to the project. Perhaps it is your actions that will affect the game in the future!

If you like 3D first person shooters and zombie themes, Dead Fortress is for you. Join the ranks of the defense against the bloodthirsty zombies and show what you are worth!

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