Deep Symbiosis

Deep Symbiosis

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  • - Required Android : 9 and up
  • - Total Installs : 0+
  • - Published Date : Feb 1, 2023
  • - Categorie : Adventure

Deep Symbiosis is a fps game  (first person) sci-fi horror , The game was developed with inspirations in films like Alien, Pandora, Enigma do Horizonte, and games like Dead Space, Alien, dead effects among others. I hope you like this scary horror game..

Set in the future where you'll fight against creatures trying to survive to escape from planet 012.

The initial story of this adventure game goes like this:
A military ship picks up a help signal coming from a planet called 012. On this planet there is a base of top secret biological scientific studies.

The military believes that this is an attack on base 012 with the intention of stealing the secrets and secret biological studies for sale on the black market.

So the general sends his soldiers to fight and fight the invaders. But when the soldiers arrive at the base, not everything is as it seems.

And the soldiers will face the biggest hell of their lives.

They fought for their lives against terrible creatures.
Audio In Portuguese (Brazil).
Subtitles available English, Portuguese and Spanish.