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  • - Required Android: 7.0 and up
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  • - Published/Updated Date: October 5, 2021



"Legendary dice summon various units with unique skills such as Marine, Tankbot and Knight Templar"

Fight between human race and monsters!
Fight between arche race and monsters!

Merge dice with various attack capabilities and engage in PvP battles with friends around the globe

Challenge against monsters by working with friends in Co-op battle and survive. Win new dice and raise its capability

* Depending on your race, you can use your own combination of dice in a battle
Human race offers a variety of dice with strong attack skills made by humans from the future
Arche race offers various dice with strong supernatural skills

* You can defeat monsters by using dice with various skills
Common dice: Fire, Wind, Ice, Stone, Bullet, Electricity, Poison
Rare dice: Flame Strike, Confusion, Spike Mine, Stasis Beam, Grenade, Boomerang, High Voltage, Meteor
Epic dice: Swap, Link, Blizzard, Adaptation, Joker, Syringe, Prober
Legendary dice for Human race: Marine, Flametrooper, Tankbot, Flying Saucer
Legendary dice for Arche race: Knight, Ranger, Dark Knight, Knight Templar

* Engage in a 1v1 fight with friends around the globe through PvP Battle. A winner will get trophies and have one's level up

* Survive in a game through Co-op Battle against monsters. You can get cards as a reward. Save enough cards to get new dice

* In Practice Mode, you can test a combination of your dice. Find an optimal combination to enjoy games with friends.

* In shop, you can experience various chests. Open chests to get gold, gems and various dice.

* While you are playing, you will get free rewards everyday

* Buy Royal Pass at the shop to get additional rewards

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