Dinosaur Hunt Down

Dinosaur Hunt Down

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  • Required Android: 5,000+
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  • Published/Updated Date: October 25, 2018


Dinosaur Hunt Down opens you up to a realistic world full of predators that are out to kill! Your job is to be the ultimate hunter and take out these beasts. Upgrade to the best gun for the deadliest attack. Aim for the best shot and shoot from various locations like helicopter, forest etc to experience the real thrill. Sometimes they may attack you back so always be alert.

This battle is just the beginning. Develop a steady hand, line up your sights, and master the skills to take the perfect shoting Dinosaur Hunt Down. In this dino world quest in the tropical forest your mission is to destroy a certain amount of hunting for you prehistoric predators at every level. If you'll survive in a fight thanks to your battle skills of the assassin, then for each completed level you'll get a new more powerful gun in your weaponry.

Dinosaur Hunt Down Game Features :

- Intuitive and accurate shooting controls.
- Hardcore action hunting adventure.
- Realistic First person shooter.
- 3D realistic jungle world
- Console Quality HD graphics
- Use Map and radar to find dinosaurs
- High-end, immersive gameplay!
- Amazing bullet animations
- Smooth controls, UI interface and ambient background music.

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