Divenia Episode One

Divenia Episode One

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  • - Required Android: 5+
  • - Installs: 28M
  • - Published/Updated Date: November 20, 2018


Divenia Episode One is part of Four Episodes of a Very Dynamic Action-Adventure game with Comic Art and SciFi Story.

In this first episode, you control Azael, a former military with augmented physical powers, the weapon of choice is a large sword powered with extraterrestrial technology, but he also has powerful hand combat and two guns with plasma bullets.

Abigail follows you on the common goal of stopping the Alien cloning and experiments, she helps you in the fights and with the puzzles. She possesses an encrusted Divenia Gem that makes her capable of controlling Antimatter and Dark Matter.

Help Us Save the World!

The Government has Secretly Cloned Aliens! But they weren't able to control them and the Human Race is, once again, at Risk.

A Meteor crashed at Antarctica on the late 90's, it contained an element new to the humans, they called it Divenia, it has the power of controlling Antimatter so its Energy applications were wide.

The government hired a Private Contractor to clone Aliens and they succeeded, but they became powerful and aggressive, so they lost control, the called them AOX them we call them Alfas. The legend says only the first attempt was successful to control and it helps the contractor in their very own agenda.

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