Donkey Life Simulator Games : Town Fun Adventure

Donkey Life Simulator Games : Town Fun Adventure

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  • - Required Android: 4.4 and up
  • - Installs: 100+
  • - Published/Updated Date: October 29, 2020


Start your village adventure and face wildlife thrills with Donkey life: simulation games. Meet Gogo, your donkey friend.

Gogo is a sad and lazy donkey living in a small town for years. He has no friends because no one likes him.

He fell in love with Jenny, a really cute donkey. But, she will never like him back because he is a failure.

Help your donkey friend Gogo to become the king of the donkeys by winning levels and getting rewards.

Get him through the levels and make him the best of all donkeys who hit upon Jenny. Let’s make him the hero of the jungle.

The life of the village is not a dream life. The daily chores are difficult and hard. You have to complete the tasks assigned to your donkey.

Help him live his donkey life and get super cool rewards. Turn your lazy donkey into a speedy donkey.

Pull him up and pass the level. On every level new, fun tasks are assigned to you. Help your donkey beat his past scores.

The Fun In Donkey Life: Simulator Games:
Spend time with your friends, play, and travel within the town. Eat good and maintain health. Try and find better food.

Every new challenge will get your scores and rewards. On each level, new rewards are unlocked. Make new friends and be a happy donkey. Daily levels are really cute and funny.

New fun adventures are a plus for your joy. If you are bored and want to play a happy game donkey life simulation game is for you.

The Village Adventures:
Wake up the donkey and put him on the way to score. Start the day by a splash of water on his face. His fun reply will make you happy. Pull him up to find food.

Grass, apple and crops give him anything he like. After the boost of energy let’s start work. Daily donkey chores include to pick up and drop things.

Now load the cart, with 5 bags and drop it to the crops. Wow! You completed the task you will get 5 points.

Rush towards the next cart, fill it up and take it to a new field. Drop all the carts one by one otherwise, you will lose the score.

The Racing Finale:
Come home to feed your pets. Fish are hungry, get food for them and feed them. Play with happy fish pets.

Another level comes with a new challenge. Donkey race is a must in the village. Everyone bet on the winning donkey. It is a fight among all.

The real king is the one who defeats all the donkeys and win the race. It depends on your choices and struggles to make your donkey king of the village.

In small-town donkey races are vital so consider it a real adventure.

Village life is full of fun activities like racing, climbing and fighting. Don’t let your donkey give up on his chores. Donkey life-simulation game is fun and full of rewards.

Test your moral. Donkey life: simulation games are a happy and fun game for you if you are a fan of village adventures, village books and simulation games.

Donkey Life Simulator Games: Town Fun Adventure Features:
-3d graphics and HD aesthetics
-Wild craft features incorporated
-VFX successful sounds including run sound and walk sound
-Easy controls
-Free to download
-Huge town and farm to work in with amazing graphics
-Exciting fun game with inside levels

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