Don't Make It Fall

Don't Make It Fall

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  • Required Android: 4.3 and up
  • Installs: 10+
  • Published/Updated Date: January 10, 2019


Don't Make It Fall!, it's a hexagon-styled puzzle game. You can play with the Pentagon(5), the Hexagon(6), the Octagon(8), and you can score points by tapping the various blocks of monomino, dominoes, trominoes, or tetrominoes.

When you tap a mino and there is free space, the playing shape drops.
If you tap another mino within one second after tapping one mino, the combo continues. Please remember you can get more and more bonus points for every 10 combos.

More combo bonuses with continuous tapping, play longer with prudent tapping, It all depends on your strategy.

- Get GEM reward and bonus skins with completing 100 ready-made CHALLENGES.
- The more difficult shape you choose, the higher your base and bonus points
(Pentagon: five points!/100%, Hexagon: six!/120%, Octagon: eight!/160%)
- 50+ skins are available.
(Medal, Coin, Bolt, Rabbit, Calendar, Hammer, Heart, Ice cream, Cat, Magic, Pudding, Potion, Sword, and so on)
- Can choose the background depending on the season or your mood.
- 10+ minos color themes are available.
- Get ability points, and adjust friction and reduction of bounciness.

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Challenge this 'Easy to play, hard to master' block puzzle and arcade game!

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