DOOM Legend 2020 - Eternal MMORPG Idle Game (Early Access)

DOOM Legend 2020 - Eternal MMORPG Idle Game (Early Access)

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  • - Published/Updated Date: April 14, 2020


Hello you might find yourself a bit lost with DOOM Legend 2020 - Eternal MMORPG Idle Game and it’s much more involved, expansive story.

The game starts with a full-scale demonic invasion of Earth, doesn't make clear what's happened since the last game, and for some reason, gives you your own spaceship that's also a castle.

Even if you think you're pretty well-versed in Doom Game, you might find yourself lost at the start of id Software's latest.

Get ready to enjoy intricate combat of DOOM Legend 2020 - Eternal MMORPG Idle Game, there's also a pretty intricate tale being told if you're interested in hearing it.

The trouble is, you need to do a lot of the work yourself to follow along, which includes finding a ton of lore collectibles scattered throughout the game.

Doing so rewards you with some big revelations about the Doom story, but if you'd rather just get back to ripping and tearing, good news: we've run down the entire tale and all the lore for you right here.

Long ago, the Makyrs were created, or otherwise encountered and were elevated by, an entity known as the Father.

It's not super clear who or what the Father was, but its essence stayed in Urdak for a long time, becoming the center of Makyr society.

During this time, the Makyrs would undergo a process called the Transfiguration: though they were very long-lived, eventually, Makyrs would start to degrade, and the Transfiguration seems to be some sort of death and rebirth cycle.

It sounds like the Makyrs are actually individual people who create a big collective consciousness when they die, so the Transfiguration seems like it's some kind of reincarnation through that process. Hell’s militaries have attacked Earth.

Become the Killer in an epic single-player movement to overcome demons across extents and break the final obliteration of humanity.

The only thing they terror... is you while playing this DOOM Legend 2020 - Eternal MMORPG Idle Game.

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