Downhill Racing

Downhill Racing

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  • - Required Android: 4.1 and up
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  • - Published/Updated Date: August 26, 2019


Do you want to be the king of car racing?

Try Downhill Racing now!

Downhill Racing is the most breathtaking and the greatest fast-pacing car racing game!

Unique Car Racing Experience
In Downhill Racing, the car racing tournaments will be held on different slopes of different maps.

You need to control your cars to compete against other players and win the champion.

You can tap to jump or tap twice to flip so that you can avoid rear-end collision or can jump above the roofs of your opponents’ cars.

Try to crush other cars when you jumping above their car roofs, which can help you get an extra speed.

However, if your car collides the tail bumper of other cars or the car roof is bumped by your opponents, then unfortunately, your speed will be slowed down.

Win the championship can get mystical rewards and upgrade the rank of your drive license!

Interesting fragment and upgrade system
In Downhill Racing, there are two interesting game systems: the fragment system and the upgrade system.

For the fragment system, you need to collect the fragment of cars or car parts and unlock these cars or car parts with enough fragments.

Cars are different in their vehicle performances because of their rarities. Rare cars have at least one strength, such as higher speeds, better accelerations, greater stabilities or carrying more car parts.

So collect fragments from your winning rewards and unlock your favorite cars!

For the upgrade system, cars and car parts can be upgraded to the next level by consuming the exclusive car fragments and common car parts fragments.

Each car has five different attributes and can carry from 1 to 5 car parts according to its rarity and each car part has its own special function.

When they reach the next level, the attributes of cars and the efficiency of car parts will be highly increased.

Therefore, don’t forget to upgrade your car and car parts!

Tips to Win
✔Remember to upgrade your cars and car parts
✔Remember to collect as many fragments as you can
✔Remember to click the acceleration boost before starting game
✔Try to get the thunderbolt buff when you are racing
✔Try to block other cars behind you

Downhill Racing Feature :
- Easy but addictive gameplay
- Various of maps to experience
- Tons of awesome cars to collect
- 5 different car parts to assemble

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