Dragon Riding Tribe (CN) (Early Access)

Dragon Riding Tribe (CN) (Early Access)

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  • - Required Android: Varies with device
  • - Installs: 5+
  • - Published/Updated Date: March 17, 2020


"Dragon Riding Tribe" is a casual strategy mobile game. Players play as an empire lord in a magical world.

commanding various magical creatures such as flying dragons and angels to play against players around the world.

By continually capturing gold mines, defensive forces and building defenses are deployed to block the enemy from plundering the ore resources.

so as to obtain resources to continuously upgrade the troops, recruit more powerful arms, and combine various dragon knights with different capabilities to form an elite army to plunder other players Wealth resources to increase the rank of your magic legion.

In the game, you need to use a limited number of arms, use different types of arms, spell coordination.

and placement strategies to skillfully and accurately find the opponent's weaknesses, break through the defenses of the opponent, and break the opponent's camp fortress to win.

Continue to send troops to conquer, build a strong defense, and enhance the strength of the army! In this era, write your own chapter of history and create a powerful empire that dominates!

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