Draw Legion 3D: Epic War Simulator

Draw Legion 3D: Epic War Simulator

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  • - Required Android: 4.4 and up
  • - Installs: 10+
  • - Published/Updated Date: March 16, 2021


Did you ever think a war can be full of funny things?

Or, a war or clash between two cans can be so much fun? Well, if you never think of it, we going to show you the most epic wars in this game.

Stay on your seat and enjoy the wars in the funniest way ever.

In this battle simulator game, the characters are designed in a way that they look like the drunkest warriors on the planet who love to fight and win the war at any cost.

There is almost negligible physics, no straight control in the body movement and guess what!

That’s the thing that makes them very funny when they move, run and attack their enemies and thus the overall war become no longer a serious war and it turns into in a funny & crazy war where it feels like two drunkest clans are fighting over a lollipop. Seriously!

|Fun War Simulator: Features|

Epic combat & movement: The movements and the fighting of the squads, warriors are a more jelly-like style which makes the combat is so cool, funny to watch & very enjoyable. The fun aspect is high.

Squads/Unit: You will going to have different types of squads or units. Each squad has unique abilities. There are 6 unique squids you will going to enjoy. Warrior with a club, warrior with an ax, with shield-bearer, a sorcerer with poison, and some with super abilities, etc.  

Unique environments: The environments are so unique because they are kind of small floating worlds. The design patterns are simple but cool. There are some desert environments, some are icy and snow-covered and again some are green summer seasoned land.

Draw Mechanic: Spawning the squads will going to be so easy because of the draw mechanic. Just draw something on your screen, the squads will be placed in an arranged manner following what you drew.

Open camera control: The camera control here is open. You can control the camera movement. It will enable you to watch the battles from any angle you want.

Enjoy the most epic battle simulator game. Download the game right away. We'd always love to hear your precious feedback and suggestions.

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