Dream Life

Dream Life

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  • - Published/Updated Date: March 5, 2021


Frederick stands in front of the restaurant as he and she have been staying there for the
past few days.

He entered the restaurant, but no one. He asked, "Is there anyone here?", But no one
answered. He eats dinner and he packs food for his wife. He takes the room key from the reception
He opens his room, he calls his wife, Lena, where are you. I have come... No noise. He
went into the room and looked there his wife is not there. He sees the greeting card of anniversary
then he knowing today is their anniversary. He has forgotten that. Frederick reaches his house and
looks for something in his house. He takes the letter from the diary and reads the last words of the
letter. The word is "someone knocking on the door". Frederick looked at the symbol on a table, which
was inscribed with a knife. Suddenly he got out of the hotel.
He looked at the doll (Teddy Ruxpin speaking doll) The doll can record the
voice and as well as we can listen also. He has heard the sound of a woman from the toy. The voice
heard from the doll "Frederick! Save me.. someone kidnapped me..." He saying It is as if this voice
was heard somewhere and the familiar voice model listens. That voice is my girl, Lena is my wife.
Lena, I'm Frederick. I miss you...
He couldn't move to some where because he is stuck in his dream. He was
thinking their first met. He has given an bouquet to her they shares something. After sometimes one
road rises with jeep. He traveling to his house by jeep.
Frederick reaches his house and looks for something in his house. He sits on the chair. A phone
calls comes “ hi! This Lena... have you reached our home.. I 'm waiting in my uncle's home.. pick up
me” He has confused what's going on. He going to his uncle's house.
Frederick has reached his uncle's house. He knocked on the door, but no one answered. A dog lying
on the ground unconscious. Frederick heals the dog when he knows that someone has beaten and
hurt the dog. The dog gets up and goes to the uncle's room. Frederick's uncle is imprisoned in a room
in his home. Frederick saves his uncle. Uncle said, someone came here and attacked me that person
kidnapped Lena, but I don't know why. Do you know who this is? Did you see that person
somewhere? do you remember that face of the person? Uncle saying no! I don't … Dog gives one
chain to Frederick . He seeing that chain deeply. I know this place..
He reached a guest house. He sees the illusion of what he has in mind. Villain holding Lena. The
villain locked all doors. Frederick stuck inside the dark room. Some voices hears in that room. He
falling down from this place. Gradually, the protagonist begins to realize that he is living out a
perpetual dream. He has come out from the dream.(Dream break1)
Frederick is searching something in his room. He found a bag and he open it. He takes photo album
and diary. The story begins at the backside of the man who sits in the chair in the darkroom. There is
a small amount of yellow light shines in the darkroom. He looking around the room slowly. He sees
some words and symbols scribbled around the wall. He looks deeply into the photograph that on the
wall, it contains a picture of himself and his wife. There are some red pills on a book beside his arm
on the table. After he takes the pills, he sees the words on the cover of the book, which are "Dream
comes true. "He goes into a dream after taking pills.
Again he entered into dream he is in a dark room. He opened the window he find the way to escape
from that place. He hears some voices from that house.