Earth: Revival (JP)

Earth: Revival (JP)

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  • - Required Android : 5.0 and up
  • - Total Installs : 50,000+
  • - Published Date : Apr 13, 2023
  • - Categorie : Action

Earth: Revival (JP) is a Super authentic SF survival RPG. Survive with all your might in the super-class near future!

"When the alien fleet invaded, our proud weapons were completely useless... In front of them, we were like savages throwing stones and sticks at the sky.

After that, humanity put up a desperate resistance, but countless lives were buried along with the city.

Nevertheless, due to the remaining "Polarians", ferocious and brutal mutant creatures are rampant.

and even the rampant domineering organization "Tidal" is rampant...
The last remaining hope was us, who were called the "Fire Source". "

[Ruined Future Earth]
The Earth in 2112 has been devastated by mysterious alien microbes called Polarians. Plants and animals mutate and become a threat to humanity.

The last hope that remains there is the existence of weapons, equipment such as battle suits, and the existence of us survivors.

Make full use of them and restore the glory of the earth with your own hands!

[Vast open world exploration]
There are areas such as wetlands, deserts, urban ruins, and snowy mountains, and you can enjoy exploring the open world in a vast land that shows various changes depending on the time and weather.

Enemies change depending on the area, puzzle solving, mini-games, hidden treasure chests, and much more to enhance your search.

For long-distance travel, print a vehicle from your microdevice! You can quickly appear on the spot and move smoothly.

[Gathering, Crafting, Cooking, Building]
While exploring areas infested with alien creatures and hostile organizations, collect wood, ore, and ingredients to use in crafting items, cooking.

and building a shelter to serve as your home. Items, dishes, and shelters are important lifelines that protect us.

Run around the vast land to collect resources unique to each area!

[High-tech weapons and special battle suits]
Craft and fight with futuristic high-tech weapons.

Fight from a distance with firearms or hit your opponents directly with melee weapons, choose from over 10 different weapons to suit your fighting style!

There are weapon-specific skills, and the play style is free!

Also, during battle, you can strengthen yourself with a battle suit. Masaharu Kawamori is appointed as the special battle suit designer for this work!

A battle suit that combines both looks and practicality, giving you a high-end combat experience that exceeds your imagination!

In addition to battle suits, we also support reassuring pets! Unique and cute Shiba Inu, cats, owls, rabbits...

Choose your favorite companion from over 20 different pets. By strengthening it repeatedly, it will become an indispensable partner in battle.

[Stand up with friends]
You can also create a set of artificial islands with 4 to 8 people with other survivors and cooperate to challenge strong enemies.

Also, exchange resources with each other, form a guild, communicate, and become partners to live together on this devastated earth.

Not only the threat of alien creatures, but also conflicts between organizations with their own agendas will never cease.

Various PvP modes are included in the game. Supply scrambles, base control, etc. Within a limited area.

survivors can work together with their allies to repel other survivors to acquire more supplies.

[High quality graphics & sound]

High-quality photorealistic graphics with great attention to detail.

Global Illumination technology gives the game screen a sense of dynamism and freshness.

In addition, the sound created by Benjamin Wallfisch, who worked on the music for many masterpieces such as "Blade Runner 2049", adds a sense of realism.

Regardless of the device, it also supports operation on smartphones and PCs with a wide range of specifications!

Enjoy a dynamic immersive experience!