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To the fight that led the "virtual weapon" which the fusion of real weapons and beautiful girls gets coloring!

Virtual weapons are customized with remodeling or avatar.
Let's challenge a mighty enemy with a fellow and a union together!

【Game Outline】
◆ Super easy battle full auto ◆
A battle is a super easy battle of super easy.
Combination of virtual weapons has the key to victory.

◆ Continue fighting when you are not there! What? ◆
Virtual weapons will continue to fight even when you are not, it will become stronger!
It is strong enough to make you mistake when you return! What?

◆ Make a mission with fellows and union to challenge ◆
Challenge the union mission to challenge the powerful enemies with all members!

◆ Recommended for those who ◆
· Those who like pretty games
· Those who like abandoned games
· Those who like autoplay games
· Those who like games with embedded elements

A world where plants and animals are extinct, resources are exhausted and the ocean withered.
A device "E.G.O" that makes the five senses "illusion" in such a devastated world was born.
Human beings live in fiction, the time of 100 years passed.

One day "E.G.O" stopped functioning.
Get up to explore the cause!
Can the world regain coloring again! What?

【Check for latest information】
Official Twitter: https: //twitter.com/kyokou_shouzyo
Official website: https: //kyokou.alphagames.co.jp/

[Supported OS]
Android 6.0 or higher (excluding some terminals)
(c)Alphagames Inc.

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