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  • - Published/Updated Date: November 30, 2018


ELASTIC CAR 2 This game is one of the best and most real crash tests you could ever play! Millions of players have already played a BETA version of ELASTIC CAR 2, and despite the fact that the game was in BETA testing, the main goal was achieved! All players note the high level of physical features of ELASTIC CAR 2!

It is necessary to emphasize that many third-party sites wrote about this game noting the game from the best side! Over one million people have downloaded our game in just 1 month! We know, like you,

that the ELASTIC CAR game is a completely different and unusual crash test simulator that you could play! You, reading the description of this beautiful game, enjoy reading and already look forward to the game being downloaded to your smartphone and you will play it without stopping!

We wish you all the best!
Thank you for being with us, thank you for supporting and supporting us, we are always happy for everyone, leave feedback, write to us!

Now we will highlight all the functions of our game)

The game has various options of modes:
one). Arcade gameplay - Your task is to complete levels with increasing difficulty and earn coins to get new opportunities.
2). A business model is a special mode in which you will need to transport fruit, and it is good to earn money from it.
3). Mode (crash tests) - this mode for experimenting on different cars. You will be given the opportunity to infinitely changing all possible characteristics of any of your chosen cars!

There are 28 different cars in the game, from domestic to foreign. Each of the cars has different characteristics, each car has its own parameters that are suitable for a particular card.

You will be able to make good profits using strategically non-standard methods, you will reach great peaks! So that you can accomplish this, you will be given great opportunities!

One of these opportunities is the oil business! Each player at the start will be able to receive a passive progressive system of making money. You will control the oil business, and with the right approach, you can make good money!

Any player who wants to easily earn can do it! Thanks to viewing video + page ads, each of the players will achieve their goals.

The builder mode is a special mode where you will quickly click and get good resources for it, a great way to create investments.

Anyone can easily create a map of their dreams for themselves, thanks to this map editor! Tools in the editor will help you use all the possibilities of your imagination.

(Arrow mode ANTISTRESS)
This mode is simple and clear, here you will blast to shoot at the (crash test) car.

That's not all, the rest you will see after starting the game, we wish you a pleasant stay withELASTIC CAR 2.

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